Switzerland army knife brand

  in 1891, Karl? Patricia elsener with Switzerland Cutler won the military orders of the Association, from now on, "the original Switzerland saber" in Switzerland was born. Since Carl? Patricia elsener is designed first to Switzerland after the saber, Switzerland Saber basic design has not changed much, but today the sabers contain tools multifunction surprised even its creator. Patricia elsener knife was used in the Everest, Ocean Reef, and astronauts on the space shuttle, they save countless lives in the oceans, space and desert.
Vickers company known throughout the world today, but was very small. In Central Europe, with its metal manufacturing, and later is known for tool manufacturing, but Schiff's one of nests over the mountains Switzerland town, doesn't look like the birthplace of world famous tool. Here, Carl? Patricia elsener started his career on the first floor of the House, he is today, this production includes cutting tools, tools as well as numerous versions of Switzerland factory ancestor of the saber.
after World War II, Vickers Switzerland Saber's reputation spread quickly. From 1945 to 1949, a large number of swords by United States Military Academy store sold to the United States Army, Navy and air force, and because of this, Switzerland Saber was able to become a world-famous. United States President Lyndon Johnson at the White House, donated 4000 letters inscribed with their names first Switzerland Saber for his guest, Ronald Reagan and George? Bush has inherited this tradition. Switzerland's diplomats and military officials to keep the guests from other countries giving Switzerland Saber, United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the Colombia space shuttle program will be in Switzerland Saber provided as standard equipment, so Patricia elsener worthy of the most successful products spread all over the world.
Switzerland Saber's original concept has remained the same, but Vickers never forget was due to Karl? Patricia elsener to continuously improve and enhance the saber as well as innovate, will always have new models and constantly add new attachment to company products and tools, this philosophy has always been throughout the entire development process of Vickers product.
Karl? Patricia elsener when
is home to one of the early creation of knife manufacturing was intended to add more job opportunities, Vickers company can proudly say now, after the great depression, war and unemployment, companies can keep employees in full
, even in difficult times does not abandon employees. In the 1950 of the 20th century and 60, Vickers has been significant development of the company, the world's increasing demand for its Saber, over the years, the company received the most complaints from consumers about products they need to access. But the company's main task is to maintain a stable, well-trained staff team, consumers had to wait.
virtually no company can maintain the highest standards of quality reputation for more than 100 years, Vickers attributed the success of the company employees and employers trust between product innovation and investment.

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