Teapot collection value and status

  collection should aim to preserve and enjoy the two or both.
to say purple collection value seems to be tied up with money, collectors in General, always want to know how much is the price of pot, can have as much value-added space in the future, taking into account the money is understandable, but teapot collection, we must first have a normal heart, have a good attitude. Because a truly good works or ancient famous works of value, not able to distinguish the authenticity of fall as a result, the economic loss is not, pride would be hurt, about their life, collects art and crafts is to enrich lives, enhance the quality of life, if the mind is not adjusted, wounded by collections is not worth it.
Ming dynasty of ancient pot, if is knowledge, and Xu Youquan, purple of first a art peak everyone of works, due to rare, its history heritage value on very big, and works itself if very full, by ceramic experts and purple line within experts identification Hou, can by big of auction house to business auction, hundreds of thousands of millions of Yuan are is has may of, as himself collection is a no can valuation of treasures, with time of over value will gradually increased. Artists in the Qing dynasty, Chen Mingyuan and works by and lengthened sounds pot also has a very high collection value, while other artists such as Yixing.

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