WATERMAN Lewis Edson Waterman brand

  founder: Louis? love Dodson? Lewis Edson Waterman (Lewis Edson Waterman):
Lewis Edson Waterman (Waterman) in pens manufacturers, the company's oldest, now with Parker and Wanbao company formation potential of the golden triangle, became one of the three companies. About Louis? love Dodson? Lewis Edson Waterman (Lewis Edson Waterman) has a well-known anecdote. He was an insurance salesman in New York. It is said that he once ink is leaking, accidentally fouled up a contract. But when he prepared another contract, competitors have snatched this deal, he lost an important profit-making opportunities. In order to make this kind of thing happen again, Mr Lewis Edson Waterman invented a modern fountain pen. This new type ink pen with ink devices, and this is his knife, saw and file as a tool to do elaborate lathes with table.
this add a strong romantic anecdotes, may well be? in Iraq? Lewis Edson Waterman himself coined. But Lewis Edson Waterman did a struggling insurance salesman. But long before his famous "inventions" before he has for a long time the ink business. He has seen the enormous potential of the ink, and in 1883 in New York City fudun (Fulton) opened a shop at 136th Street. He does odd jobs that local workers available to parts of his ink, and then to sell yourself. He and his old master Gu Aisha? heap (Asa Shipman) in 1884 to form the ideal ink pen company (Ideal Pen Co.). But the partnership soon disintegrated, Hua Teman control in Morrow (Murray), 10th main street property. This is taking place in his memorable first invention before the patent on November 4, 1884, recognized. Hua Teman on the quality of their products so trusting, he was the first person who provides a 5 year warranty. He put his ink pen as the most outstanding products in advertising publicity. Steady growth in advertising sales so that the company, sold 1884 about 200 ink sold in 1885 500 by 1900 had sold up to 1000 per day.
Lewis Edson Waterman in the company over the next 30 years, has maintained a unique energy. Companies hire Heath, New Jersey (Heath) jewelry Inc of Lewis Edson Waterman fountain pen of precious metal plated surface refinement, such exquisite Lewis Edson Waterman ink variety, styles vary. Lewis Edson Waterman company as long as Parker's hire Heath company, will soon develop their own gem, and introduced many new and unique design. They also offer a variety of top quality hard resin fountain pen, from the size of a matchstick world's smallest pen to the Giants 20-pen. The dash on the company's advertising and product showcase. The company's products use several ink-filled, including droppers and safe retractable ink pen. When the manufacturers began to rush inside with capsules of the automatic water-ink pen, Waterman company in 1915, began to pump, sleeve-type experiments and coin box filling device separately, and finally decided to use a lever-type filling device (as with Rhino Zafira company ink pen).
Lewis Edson Waterman companies around the world to establish a reliable export agency, such initiatives on the company became the first truly international Lewis Edson Waterman pen company played a vital role. Lewis Edson Waterman through internal publication, The Pen Prophet (ink market forecast) to inform marketers present products, advertising campaigns, marketing tips, and company news. At the time, this publication has helped the success of Lewis Edson Waterman. Today only the ink market into a review of the company's history of valuable information.

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